Saturday, August 3, 2013

1 CHITO Miranda, NERI Naig, KAYE Abad VIDEO SCANDAL Spreading?

CHITO Miranda, NERI Naig, KAYE Abad VIDEO SCANDAL Spreading?

Chito Miranda and present girlfriend Neri Naig Scandal Video has been spread rapidly online. But aside from Chito and Neri, there’s another rumored scandal video that was leaked that it’s also a scandal video of Chito Miranda and Ex Girlfriend Kaye Abad. Well, if it’s true then this is breaking news. This is going to be the first time that Kaye Abad will get involved in a scandal.

Chito Miranda has confirmed the private video of him and Neri Naig, but he didn’t say anything about the rumored video scandal with ex girlfriend Kaye Abad.

The video that was previously posted on Youtube shows Chito and Neri doing the deed. It’s about 7 minute video which was removed by Youtube. But that's doesn't mean the video was totally removed on the internet. The video was already been shared on different video hosting and torrent websites. So it's really hard to fully eradicate such a scandal video on the net.


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