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Miss Universe Singapore 2013 finalist officially revealed. See the full list of Miss Universe Singapore 2013 candidates biography or profile and their photos. The grand coronation night for Miss Universe Singapore 2013 will be on July 6, 2013 at Syddall Boutique at UE Square Mall. Watch the live streaming here.

Meet the 15 out of 16 Finalists (Contestants) of Miss Universe Singapore 2013.
1 - Clarabelle Ng, 2
 a radiographer and she loves to read, paint and travel. Height: 165 cm.

2 - Jeanne Neo, 23, is a student and besides hitting the gym, she loves to do sports such as volleyball, running and swimming. Height: 166 cm.

3 - Cordelia Low, 24, is an events co-coordinator and she loves to dance, and indulge in outdoor activities and extreme sports. Height: 167 cm.

4 - Amanda Toh, 20, is a student who loves to do yoga, cook and travel. Height: 168 cm.

5 - Rebecca Lee, 23, is a trainee lawyer who has a range of hobbies including reading, dancing, singing, running and playing badminton. She also practises Muay Thai. Height: 171 cm.

6 - Sung Miao Wen, 20, is an undergraduate who loves to act, swim, sing, play golf and cycle. Height: 171 cm.

7- Tinah Lee, 24, is a business relationship manager who loves to swim and dance the salsa. Height: 172 cm.

9 - Shi Lim, 24, is a business executive who loves to dance, read, write, travel and play the cello. Height: 176 cm.

10 - Angeline Soh, 24, is a customer service assistant who loves to play volleyball. Height: 175 cm.

11 - Roxanne Zhang, 20, is a student who loves to dance, shop and go to the movies. Height: 174 cm.
12 - Fleur Soong, 25, is a relationship manager who loves to go jogging. Height: 172 cm.
13 - Cheryl Desiree Chan, 23, is a student, entrepreneur and DJ who loves to cook, sing and play basketball. Height: 170 cm.
14 - Jacqueline Kee, 25, is a student from Lasalle – College of the Arts who loves to visit art galleries, paint and indulge in photography. Height: 170 cm.
15 - Cinny Chin, 22, is an undergraduate who loves to dance, bake and do gymnastics. Height: 170 cm.
16 - Jesslyn Tan, 24, is a university graduate who loves to act and model. Height: 165 cm.

Photos of other contestants will be posted here.


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