Monday, December 24, 2012

0 Mr. William Spengler Fatally Shoot Two FireFighters (Bio, Photos)

Mr. William Spengler Fatally Shoot Two FireFighters (Bio, Photos) 

A gunman opened fire and killed two volunteer firefighters when they responded to a house fire in New York state. The gunman or shooter was identified as William Spengler. Why these things are happening? Shooting incidents are really getting worst in United States. And the Government must respond to this and do immediate action.

According to reports that gunman William Spengler is 62 years old and was imprisoned for more than 17 years for beating to death his 92 year old grandmother.

 The victims were Mike Chiapperini, Tomasz Kaczowka the two were shot dead. And the other two men wounded and in critical conditions were identified as Joseph Hofsetter and Theodore Scardino.

The shooting incident was trap says police investigator.

Here's a photo of the crime scene.


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