Monday, December 15, 2014

0 Man Haron Monis Sydney Hostage Attacker (BIO, PHOTO)

Man Haron Monis Sydney Hostage Attacker (BIO, PHOTO)

The gunman or attacker in the Lindt cafe in Sydney Australia was identified as Man Haron Monis. The hostage crisis which lasted for about 16-hour. But sadly, the hostage crisis did not end peacefully, three were killed in the siege, two of them was the victims namely: Lindt cafe manager Tori Johnson and lawyer Katrina Dawson and the gunman.

Man Haron Monis Profile Background:

He was 49 year old. A notorious Islam self-proclaimed “spiritual healer”, sheikh who claimed to practice black magic and was well known for multiple crimes including sending offensive letters to grieving families of dead Australian soldiers and allegedly murdering his ex-wife.

Man Haron Monis Photo:
Watch the videos of the siege:
Video Here

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