Tuesday, January 15, 2013

0 Malik Obama Half-Brother of President Obama (Bio, Photos)

Malik Obama Half-Brother of President Obama (Bio, Photos)

It seems like Obama brothers has something in common and that’s political will. And I’m talking about President Obama’s oldest half-brother, Malik Obama.

A bio of Malik Obama is 54 year old, he is now aiming for a government position in Western Kenyan Country of Siaya. According to him he is going to run for Governor as an independent candidate. He announced his candidacy during his speech in Siaya town of Kogela. 

President Barack Obama and Malik Obama are the sons of Barack Obama Sr but they have different mother. Their first meeting was on 1985 andn from then on they became close to each other up to now. So I’m sure President Obama will support and give some advices to his eldest half-brother.

And in God’s will a other Obama will be serving the people but this time not in USA but in Siaya Country.

Here's a photo of Malik Obama


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