Friday, January 18, 2013

0 Who is Diane O'Meara? (Bio, Photos)

Who is Diane O'Meara ? (Bio, Photos)

Manti Teo’s fake girlfriend scandal is now getting complicated as the real woman behind the photos or images of Lennay Kekua has been exposed and she is Diane O'Meara. So this simply shows that there’s no Lennay Kekua but Diane O’Meara.

Now the issue on Manti Teo’s fake girlfriend is still the trending topic online, especially another woman has been identified as the real person behind the photos which has been posted already all over the web.

So what will be the next story to be expected on this very hot issue of Manti Teo’s fake girlfriend scandal.

A bio of Diane O’Meara, She is a marketing executive in Los Angeles. She is 23years old. She got surprised when she found out that her photos were used as Lennay Kekua, the alleged fake girlfriend of Manti Teo.

Diane O'Meara Photo


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