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0 Miss Supranational 2013 Winner (s) Predictions

Miss Supranational 2013 Winner (s) Predictions

Who do you think will be crowned as the 2013 Miss Suprational 2013? Will it be Miss Philippines, Mexico, Belaurus, Venezuela, USA or Puerto Rico? Well, we're not really sure if who will won the Miss Supranational 2013 crown.

But for me, I have the positive feeling that Philippines will win the 2013 Miss Supranational.

So for the list of all the Candidates or Contestants bio or profile visit:

The official results or winners of Miss Supranational 2013 will also be posted here.

Meanwhile, see  Miss Supranational 2012 OFFIICIAL RESULTS, WINNERS:

Miss Supranational 2012 - Katsiaryna Buraya (Belarus)

1st Runner Up - Nanthawan  Wannachutha Thailand
2nd Runner Up - Michaela Dihlova Czech Republic
3rd Runner Up - Elaine Kay Moll Philippines
4th Runner Up - Sulay Castillo Ecuador

TOP 20 Finalist

Katsiaryna Buraya Belarus
Nanthawan Wannachutha Thailand
Michaela Dihlova Czech Republic
Elaine Kay Moll Philippines
Sulay Castillo Ecuador
Elissa Estrada Panama
Julia Prokopenko Denmark
Sigrun Eva Armannsdottir Iceland
Gabriela Berrios Puerto Rico
Periskia Laing Suriname
Chantel Martinez Dominican Republic
Katie Starke Canada
Solene Froment France
Natalia Coto Honduras
Agnieszka Karasiewicz Poland
Ema Golijanin Bosnia & Herzegovina
Michelle Gildenhuys South Africa
Kary Ramos Costa Rica
Rachael Howard England
Nieves Sanchez Spain

Continental Titles

Miss Supranational Africa - Michelle Gildenhuys South Africa
Miss Supranational Americas - Estrada Elissa Panama
Miss Supranational Asia - Huang Thao Lai Vietnam
Miss Supranational Europe - Julia Prokopenko Denmark


Miss Supranational Internet - Nanthawan Wannachutha Thailand
Miss Supranational Photogenic - Michaela Dihlova Czech Republic
Miss Supranational Best National Dress - Damaris Aguiar Cuba
Miss Supranational Friendship - Ester Shatipamba Namibia
Miss Supranational Talent - Julia Prokopenko Denmark
Miss Supranational Top Model - Katie Starke Canada
Miss Supranational Elegance - Carmen Fernandes Portugal
Miss Supranational Personality - Sabrina Kubwimana Rwanda
Miss Supranational Jovi - Sandra Larsson Sweden


Yes! I was right Miss Philippines won the 2013 Miss Supranational!

Mutya Datul from Isabela Philippines is the 2013 Miss Supranational.

  Miss Supranational 2013: Philippines Mutya Johanna Datul
    1st Runner-up: Mexico Jaqueline Morales
    2nd Runner-up: Turkey Leyla Köse
    3rd Runner-up: Indonesia Cok Istri Krisnanda
    4th runner-up: US Virgin Islands Krisnanda Widani

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